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2023...where did you go??!!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

We could not be more pleased with our 4th season at the Inn at the Lake! So many wonderful memories are flooding my mind as I sit and consider all of the wonderful guests, amazing volunteers, special events, and gorgeous weather to enjoy our lakes, streams, mountains, and wildlife sitings. So many moose! More than we have ever seen before...and deer...and even a few more elk than usual. And trout was our go-to dinner many nights as we caught them EVERY TIME we took the boat out on the lake.

Inn at the Lake Summer 2023 Music with a View
Music with a View at Inn at the Lake

The artists, Yolie Brown @yolandabrown550, Linda Downs, and Nam Horn @naga_num who presented their work on our gallery walls gifted us with so many lovely paintings enjoyed by our guests and all who came to our brunches, our artist receptions, and our musical concerts. Collectively we sold 45 pieces of art! We hosted record crowds for our Musicians, @apricotjamduo, @cocorosemusic, and @guitarfranca. A LOT of great food was prepared and served by Robert and Ginny and our volunteer staff each morning at 8:30 for our guests, and by our hired local chefs, Tyler Crump and Nam Horn for our special events! We hosted a most beautiful wedding reception in August, and then had the privilege of hosting another wedding ceremony and reception for two of our volunteers in September! Our fall season yielded the most beautiful and bright colors we have ever experienced. Finally, we realized the dream of hosting an Art Residency Program coordinated and overseen by our partners, @soul.havencollective ...during our "shoulder season" the first half of October. We have so much to be grateful for it is hard to even mention it all.

And NOW it it time to begin making plans to come to the Inn at the Lake next year! We are getting all of our plans in place for our group bookings, general guests and our special events. Your room is waiting for you! Book now so you don't miss out on this beauty filled experience that is.....

the Inn at the Lake

Robert and Ginny Burroughs in the American Basin

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